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August 9, 2008

Just before I go I thought I would show you a cool little surprise I received the other day from Red Beach school.


Inside the posters are lots and lots of heartfelt hand written messages. Really cool so thanks kids. I hope you will enjoy following the Olympics as much as I will enjoying taking part in them.


Last chance work out

August 7, 2008

Only one more day to go and I am on the plane to Beijing. Yesterday I had my last chance gym work out before the big “weigh in” two weeks away.

I am really pleased with how I have been able to hold onto strength while leaning up a bit on the body fat. I am now down to 84kgs which is 3kg less than when I raced in Europe. On the dumbbell rows which is my favorite exercise I have maintained strength despite dropping off the excess weight which is good.


Feeling the Love

August 4, 2008

It has been so good to come back to New Zealand – home.

The amount of support and energy that I have received since Ive been back has been overwhelming! As my lead up to Athens in 2004 was all based in Europe I didnt really understand how much support there was.

To all the people that have emailed, come up to me in the street or over to me when Ive been out for dinner thank you very much! It really means a lot.

I have worked really really hard this year and havnt quite been able to express the level of paddling that I have worked so hard to attain.

I know its in there somewhere and although Ive had some doubt I am not giving in! I am really looking forward to the Olympic experience now that Ive had the opportunity to come home and catch my breath. It has been an unexpected bonus to be home so close to the games. It has allowed me to reconnect with what it means to represent your country at the highest level rather than just oneself.